Improving the lives of older people

Providing an integrated virtual care solution to support independent living and dignity of care for older people.

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Improving the lives of older people
remote healthcare services

Making care at home possible with remote healthcare services

The aging population is rapidly growing. Technology advances and medical breakthroughs means people are living longer than ever before.

An aging population means looking forward and determining how to best provide a solution that leads to better health outcomes for homes, hospitals and most importantly the individual.

At HaloCare we champion independence and believe, with the correct virtual care solution in place, older people can live independently. Our person-centred approach to healthcare, means a solution that is tailored to the individual.

The HaloCare solution features a combination of best-in-class Smart Devices, an expert care team and digital inclusive HaloPad technology for a holistic approach to client well-being right from the comfort of the client’s home.


independent living solutions allow for clients to live at home

Safe and Effective Healthcare

Real time client information

Real-time client information

Improved utilisation of staff

Improved utilisation of staff

Supported early discharge

Supported early discharge

Cost effective long-term solution

Cost effective long-term solution

Secure user-friendly integrations

Secure user-friendly integrations

How it works

The HaloCare Solution

Technology that will change the future of home healthcare.


Looking for more information on HaloCare? Check out our commonly asked questions below. If you would prefer to speak to an advisor, you can book a call today around a time that suits you.

  • Yes, at HaloCare we recognise every individuals’ needs are unique, and so too should be their HaloCare package! Combine any of our service types together to create a bespoke service that best meets your client's needs. 

  • At HaloCare we gather and use certain information about individuals in order to provide the highest standard of care possible. All information collected is at the consent of the individual and in accordance with GDPR compliance based on guidance from EU data protection authorities.

    We understand privacy concerns around sharing sensitive information, this is why we have put measures in place to ensure our systems are fully secure and we have implemented strong physical and electronic security safeguards.

  • In the event of an emergency, our trained care specialists have personalised and pre-agreed procedures put in place included contacting our HaloCare client, their circle of care and their healthcare provider as needed. 

  • Remote monitoring enable clients to receive their follow-up care from the comfort of their own home. Healthcare professionals overseeing client care will have access to client medical information, which will allow them to make better informed decision on their care at a glance.  



At HaloCare, we adopt an evidenced based approach to all our services through world class research to ensure our team is equipped to be the leaders of change in the healthtech industry.

Our solution is backed up with statistics from trusted health bodies so our clients can feel confident in the HaloCare solution.

1 in 3 older people report feeling isolated

1 in 3

1 in 3 older people report feeling isolated and/or lonely. (WebMD)
33% of older people in Ireland fall each year


33% of older people in Ireland fall each year. Two-thirds of them will fall again within 6 months (HSE)
Falls account for 75% of hospital visits for older adults


Falls account for 75% of hospital visits for older adults. (BMC)

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Our HaloCare solution has been designed and developed to be set up in your home with minimal disruption to everyday life.

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