Inclusive solutions for Chronic Disease Management

Clinician led virtual care developed to support those living with Chronic disease at home.

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Inclusive solutions for Chronic Disease Management
person-centered approach to chronic disease care

Providing a person-centered approach to chronic disease care

HaloCare offers a Chronic Illness Management solution, combining technology and expertise to deliver a holistic approach towards supporting those with chronic illness

Innovative technology means clients receive the highest quality of care directly from their homes.

Our Smart Devices are developed to support the client with  activities of daily living and has the ability to capture vital health information. HaloCare hospital grade devices, give clinicians and health professionals timely access to precise information, allowing health professionals to make informed clinical decisions that are best for the client’s well-being. Health professionals having access to clinical data from HaloCare Smart Devices makes detecting changes in client vitals possible and allows for early intervention for the clients treatment plan.


Reduction in client risks

Reduction in client risks

Supported early discharge

Supported early discharge

Accurate clinical data

Accurate clinical data

24/7 Support team

24/7 Support team

Long-term solution planning

Long-term solution planning

Secure user-friendly integrations

Secure user-friendly integrations

The HaloCare Solution

Technology that will change the future of home healthcare.


Looking for more information on HaloCare? Check out our commonly asked questions below. If you would prefer to speak to an advisor, you can book a call today around a time that suits you.

  • Yes, at HaloCare we recognise every individuals’ needs are unique, and so too should be their HaloCare package! Combine any of our service types together to create a bespoke service package that best meets your clients needs. 

  • At HaloCare we gather and use certain information about individuals in order to provide the highest standard of care possible. All information collected is at the consent of the individual and in accordance with GDPR compliance based on guidance from EU data protection authorities.

    We understand privacy concerns around sharing sensitive information, this is why we have put measures in place to ensure our systems are fully secure and we have implemented strong physical and electronic security safeguards.

  • In the event of an emergency, our trained care specialists have personalised and pre-agreed procedures put in place included contacting our HaloCare client, their circle of care and their healthcare provider as needed. 

  • Virtual assistive living technology is more advanced than ever before, making managing care in the home possible and safe for the client.

    Our HaloCare team would first undertake a consultation to determine what solution would best benefit the client and also consulting their current medical professional. Once the assessments have been carried out, we would fit our Smart Devices in the clients home to assist with tracking client vitals, monitoring wellbeing and ensuring medical professionals also have access to this information.

  • At HaloCare, client wellbeing and improving the lives of our clients is our core focus.

    Prior to taking on any new HaloCare client, we carry out our assessments to ensure our solution is what’s best for the client. We work with a wider health professional team to ensure we receive the full picture of the client's health and history.

    With this information, and our advanced technological solutions, we are confident we can provide a care solution that will empower the client, and help keep them safe in the home.

  • HaloCare managed service offering includes an all-inclusive fee which means we look after everything from design right through to service and should your system need upgraded, we handle that too! Our pricing transparency makes the transition to HaloCare easier for clients and loved ones, knowing that there will be no sudden unexpected payments.

    For low-dependent clients who are able to live independently at home, virtual care becomes a cost-effective option for the health service as it aids clinical prioritisation and reduces long-term hospital stays.

  • Remote monitoring enable clients to receive their follow-up care from the comfort of their own home. Healthcare professionals overseeing client care will have access to client medical information, which will allow them to make better informed decision on their care at a glance. 


At HaloCare, we adopt an evidenced based approach to all our services through world class research to ensure our team is equipped to be the leaders of change in the healthtech industry.

Our solution is backed up with statistics from trusted health bodies so our clients can feel confident in the HaloCare solution.



1 in 10

Currently only 1 in 10 people with chronic illnesses have access to assistive products


37% of those who report a fall require medical attention. A personal emergency response system is greatly beneficial in these circumstances. (WHO)

2 billion

More than 2 billion people will need at least 1 assistive product by 2030, with many older people needing 2 or more (WHO)

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